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The Arctic Grizzly Comet blast off! Using ICEfaces and Grizzly Comet to build scalable Ajax Push applications

Posted by jfarcand on October 23, 2007 at 1:47 PM PDT

At least something good happened during the last AjaxWorld (which seemed to be quite low on peoples): I've meet Ted from ICESoft and we decided to explore how we can implement support for Grizzly Comet in ICEfaces.

Picture 2.png

Ted has all the technical details about how to enable it here. In the process of making Grizzly Comet working with ICEfaces (useful use case learned by Papa Grizzly :-)), we have fixed a couple of issues, hence the current GlassFish v2 needs to be patched in order to experience the Arctic Grizzly Comet adventures! Two solutions are available, the first one consisting of downloading GlassFish v2 FCS (b58g), and Grizzly 1.0.18. Then start GlassFish and connect to http://localhost:4848. Click on 'Application Server > JVM Settings > Path Settings' and add under the ClassPath Prefix box the location of the grizzly-1.0.18.jar file.

Picture 4.png

Stop and then restart GlassFish. You are now ready to use ICEfaces (see here how).

The other solution is quite simple: just download GlassFish v2 ur1 and follows Ted's blog. This is our next GlassFish official release.

ICEfaces support is really cool and not so complicated. Technicals details about the Servlet which implement the Grizzly Comet API can be read here! OK now I will digest it and most probably start blogging about


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