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More than 55000 Blog Readers cannot be wrong! The Comet revolution has started...

Posted by jfarcand on November 26, 2007 at 11:30 AM PST

My Comet related blogs recently passed more that 55000 hits. It's probably low for a lot of blogger, but since Comet is fairly new, I consider this as a good sign of the growing importance of Comet. And the count is still growing fast....The first one of the series (aka The Grizzly Comet or why space shuttle Discovery launch was delayed) is by far my biggest read blog (much more than the one published year before). Has the Comet revolution started? I would say yes, seeing more and more Java based application using Comet (on Jetty or Grizzly). There is also more and more blogs on the topic. My favorite one those day is this excellent blog written by Joe Walker: Why Comet is of Growing Importance. And there is a new dedicated site on comet, Comet Daily, which contains a lot of great blogs about Comet. Let the revolution begins!


To promote my own food, here is a recap of the GlassFish related Comet blogs:

Long live Comet...and big THANKS for the community feedback I got so far!


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