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On the Javapolis: Prague!

Posted by jfarcand on December 6, 2007 at 8:56 AM PST

First, congratulation to the Netbeans team for their new release! One day I'm gonna leave the vim world....And thanks to see so many peoples for the Grizzly Framework talk....and the Comet one! I have to admit, I was happy to see that many peoples listening to an NIO boring talk!


Now on Comet, this is great to see that peoples internally @ Sun are starting being interested (always like that...get traction outside so peoples trust you inside ;-)). The most important discussion I've had is to have Comet support directly in Netbeans.....meaning a simple Grizzly embedded comet webserver (or better, a dedicated container for GlassFish v3), a client library (ICEFaces, DWR or JMaki) and bingo! The most popular demo was the Webmc ...kind of cool to give a talk using your own technology! Next stop: Stockholm!


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