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On the Javapolis: Paris

Posted by jfarcand on December 12, 2007 at 3:09 AM PST

Deja 10 ans que je n'avais pas foule le sol Francais:-) This time I was in the middle of Paris to visit two new Grizzly Comet customers....quite interesting to talk in French (and see them smile every word I say!)....I keep repeating myself, but did I say Comet was more and more popular? In only one week I almost talked four times on Comet, and only one time on Grizzly...the Comet revolution has started!


After customers, I was speaking with Alexis at the Paris on Rails Conference...I didn't know if peoples were laughing because of my talk or because of my good way of talking French (French peoples plugs an English word in every sentence now ;-) ;-)). I guess it was my accent :-) :-)....


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