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On the Javapolis: JavaPolis Day 3&4

Posted by jfarcand on December 13, 2007 at 9:50 AM PST

After 3 days in JavaPolis, let me share some observations from the sessions I've attempted. The first one I need to mention is JRuby on expected, seems the only Web Server discussed was Mongrel....hum, I think Charles forgot about his blog called "The end is near for Mongrel". Well, I have to admit I didn't spend too much time on the Grizzly JRuby extension recently, and so I'm the guilty one...Rail 2.0 has just been release and already the grizzly mailing list got feedback about it...hum I need to take a look so next time peoples can also try with Grizzly or GlassFish v3....and get Comet in JRuby :-)

Next talk that I was happy to listen to is my teammate Ed Burns on what's coming from (2.0)...hum, although I'm far away from being a good JSF wizz, I was surprised to see no mention of Comet/Ajax Push included in 2.0. Knowing that the Servlet EG is working on adding support for Comet (see Greg's proposal here), I would have expected to see Comet support in JSF 2.0...The Servlet 3.0 will made Comet possible, but I would have expected something easier to use from the JSF EG....well hopefully for 2.1. If you can't wait, try ICEfaces on Grizzly :-).

Next I when to see Alexis presenting GlassFish....I was more interested to see how many peoples were interested, how many will leave before the end, etc. Amazingly, the room was almost full and peoples didn't run like crazy in the middle of the talk! Seems GlassFish is making progress...and of course Alexis is good to present it :-). Now I'm listening to the REST JSR...that one gonna needs a Comet injection as well (Grizzly already injected ;-))!

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