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On the Javapolis: Finally arrived in Antwerp

Posted by jfarcand on December 13, 2007 at 1:07 AM PST

After Prague, Stockholm and Paris, I've arrived yesterday in Antwerp for the 2007 JavaPolis edition. As Fabio described, this is a really exiting conference with a lot of peoples.


As usual with me, I didn't care looking at the schedule and guess what, all my talks were happening the same day! Kind of interesting to jump in that fast!

My first session was Enabling Real-Time RIA applications with Java DB and Comet (Grizzly), a framework Francois and I are working on to improve Comet scalability and robustness under load or when a Comet application is disconnected from the network. We got really good feedback and we are looking to publish the framework as a sub project of grizzly or under its own project....and then I've awakened the Grizzly for a one hour bof, in front of a surprisingly crowded room. The idea was to describe how easy it is to write an NIO server using Grizzly framework, to write your own HTTP extension using the HTTP module (like Comet or Cometd) and then describe some performance numbers we got when comparing with MINA (And yes, I've said it again: MINA is a great framework!). I've got a lot of questions and one hour wasn't enough to cover all I have planned to talk....ending up in the corridor talking Comet! I didn't have time to talk about our JRuby extension, but now I'm in the JRuby talk, and hopefully, those Sun folks will not forget to talk about GlassFish support! Next blog should gives some impression from some sessions I've attended...

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