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What's really cool with GlassFish v2 UR1

Posted by jfarcand on December 19, 2007 at 3:42 PM PST

GlassFish v2 ur1 is out today (and new Grizzly as well!), and as for v2.0, here is a list of cool features the official documentation might not talk about:


  • Comet support: Our Comet support has been improved to support asynchronous content handler when reading and writing. Technically, it means a Servlet can execute asynchronous read (when loading a large file) or asynchronous write (when sending a large file) without blocking on IO operations (freeing threads). We also added support for a simple like-Jetty continuation API for application that just want to suspend and resume a connection. Finally, we improved the performance of our "server managed container push' functionality, which allow an application to push data back to a set/subset of suspended connections. And we have new friend like DWR and ICEFaces which natively support Grizzly Comet.
  • Cometd/Bayeux support: We have updated our implementation to support the latest Bayeux Protocol and the latest DOJO Toolkit version (1.0). The cool thing about the Grizzly Cometd implementation is you can inject your own handler and allow other technologies like Servlet, JSP, EJB, JMS, etc. to push data to a Bayeux channel, without having the needs to understand Bayeux! Hiya!
  • Priority based request processing: With Ajax application, performance is quite important. Being able to prioritize requests execution based on some priority rules can significantly improve the performance of your application.
  • Apache Support: We improved our Apache integration by supporting mod_jk load balancer functionality. Quite important when you front GlassFish with Apache, or when your ISP only support Apache or IIS.
  • Allow application client container to run JavaFX scripts: You can now bundle your JavaFX script inside your application, and use GlassFish's Java WebStart to distribute it. Kind of cool, is it?
  • And the biggest one: Really cool community: You have a question? Post it to the and you will get a response really fast (I mean, really fast!): Kedar, Sahoo, Jan, Alexis and Tim (I forgot a lot I'm sure) and tons of external users are there to save your day :-). Probably the best improved feature since v2!

True, when we started two years ago GlassFish was a zero....but I think it will soon become a hero :-)...And for the Grizzly lover, v2.1 bundles Grizzly 1.0.19, the last one of the 1.0 family. Grizzly 1.0 est mort, Vive Grizzly 1.7!


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