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Comet support in GlassFish

Posted by jfarcand on February 22, 2008 at 7:39 AM PST

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FYI, I know this isn't your fault, but in the Simple Chat application, the updated text does display when using IE 6. (big surprise right). If anyone knows a work around shoot me an email. Thanks.

Thanks for the updates. Concerning those different comet complaint implementation, how are you able to identify what a proxy allows (long polling, streaming) and what kind of issues can be seen with proxies?

A fresh copy of webmc.war has been uploaded. The HTTP requests you see every 20 seconds are from the ICEfaces heartbeat; for mission critical applications, this allows you to know that the server has not gone offline in the last 20 seconds. Ajax Push updates occur independently of the heartbeat mechanism (that is why it is not a polling implementation). (The heartbeat interval can be configured, and for some applications you may prefer to simply turn it off.)

Hello, thanks a lot for this article. It seems that the WebMC url is not working. Also concerning the simple chat application do you know why it is using polling every 20 seconds with GET, I was hopping to see more of the comet like implementation.

Thanks for the broken link. I've asked Ted an alternate link. You can still see the WebMc demo live. As for the Chat, it use long polling like described here. If you want http streaming, try the jmaki demo. Long polling is also considered as part of Comet :-)