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Grizzlet reloaded: Bringing Ajax Push/Comet to the Masses?

Posted by jfarcand on February 14, 2008 at 6:02 PM PST

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Nice catch! Updated! Thanks

Hi JF, Could you please update links to examples. The following links are broken: and Regards

Hi Jean, I am new to Glassfish and Grizzly. I am evaluating server side solution for comet types of application. I did looked in to jetty and grizzly. could you please help me understand how does grizzly will be deployed in galssfish and provide performance same as the jetty Thanks

Pretty cool! When will grizzlet be available for jetty ? Thanks,

You make me sick ! How many new things to try ? I'll never have the time to try all of your tricks in one life ... Thanks for all what you do about Grizzly :)