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New monster unleashed: Grizzly 1.7.3 is out!

Posted by jfarcand on April 9, 2008 at 6:14 AM PDT

Every month the bear is growing....1.7.3 is now out with a flurry of new features and performance improvement. You can download the binaries from here, and ready to use bundles here


In short:

  • Suspendable request: You can now suspend/resume requests at the transport level (tcp|udp). We have some basic pattern matching algorithm you can use to intercept the request bytes and decide if the connection should be suspended or not. Quite useful for throttling requests, improve quality of service and reducing Comet's PDO. Before this feature was only available when you were using Grizzly ARP or Comet (limited to http).
  • Improved ThreadAttachment: keeping state between read or write operation have been re-factored and significantly improved.
  • Grizzlet has been promoted as a standalone module, outside of the Comet module so it will soon be usable with some Tom and cat
  • All commands line has been unified and they can now serves applications from a folder, a jar or a war by doing: java -jar grizzly-comet-webserver-1.7.3.jar --port 8080 --application jmaki_comet_demo.war
  • And many more....

Next release is 1.8.0, and I hope we gonna be able to announce our new baby, which is an asynchronous http client based on Grizzly!


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