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Grizzly's OSGi bundles

Posted by jfarcand on May 15, 2008 at 1:23 PM PDT

Grizzly has OSGi bundles available for a while, but we haven't made any noise about it yet to let the spotlight on GlassFish v3. Since OSGi is the current buzz, let's the monster enter the buzz circus...


Since release 1.7.0 (we are now shipping, Grizzly ships with jar file manifests that include appropriate OSGi bundle information. This means that you can import the Grizzly jars into an OSGi framework and use them, for example, to build a I/O application using the framework classes, to build a static Web Server or a Comet messages bus. Those jars are currently self-contained for the reason that you can use them for testing using a simple command like:

java -jar [bundle-name] -p [port] -a [war|jar|directory location] [Component_name]

As an example, you can:

% java -jar grizzly-messagesbus-webserver- -p 8080 -a jmaki-messagesbus-demo.war

which start a simple Comet messages bus (I will soon blog about this new module). As usual, let us know what you think about those OSGi bundles, if they are ok or not, as none of us are OSGi expert. You can download those OSGi bundles from here...



The Axis2 discussion has moved on answer was: Yes, you can run Axis on top of grizzly. -- Jeanfrancois

How can I use Grizzly as the Transport layer for Axis2. I require Axis2 for teh SOAP request but interest in using Grizzly as the Webserver.

I have'nt tested neither GlassFish v3 or Grizzly, but I don't see any reason why It cannot work. BTW Grizzly is not yet integrated in GlassFish using OSGi. We are working on the change right now. -- Jeanfrancois

How can I use this with Apache Sling? or can it be used with Apache Sling or its the embedded Glasfish more appropriate?