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Ursus arctos horribilis: Grizzly 1.8.0 released (Community release!)

Posted by jfarcand on June 11, 2008 at 3:25 PM PDT

Our biggest release ever :-)...OK last time I've claimed the same fact..naaaa our biggest one will be Grizzly 2.0! Well, 1.8.0 contains a lot of bug fixes, performance improvements, cool new technologies support (GWT, iPhone, etc.), new Comet components, new embeddable features, etc.


This release fix multiples bugs and RFE:

More important, the community keep growing and we are getting more and more feedback, test cases, code donation, tutorials, help....this is just amazing :-). On the performance side, we have compared with Grizzly 1.0.20 using Faban (2000 simultaneous connections):


  ops/sec: 3094.108
  % errors: 0.0
  avg. time: 0.059
  max time: 13.208
  90th %: 0.10


  ops/sec: 2510.742
  % errors: 0.0
  avg. time: 0.143
  max time: 12.796
  90th %: 0.25  

Looks like we are also improving performance of our http extension. Try it using embeddable/OSGi bundles by downloading them from here! And finally, there are some rumors Grizzly works like a charm on the that cool?


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