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Grizzly news: New lead, New committers, New Tutorials and a Growing Community

Posted by jfarcand on July 24, 2008 at 4:24 PM PDT

There is a lot happening this summer with Grizzly. We have two new commiters, several new tutorials, a new lead and our community is growing. Happy summer from the monster...


First, we have new Grizzlies commiters: John Vieten (from has been active for a while, helping the community, writing tutorial and more. Shing Wai Chan (from Sun) has been improving our Bayeux support, improve the HTTP WebServer and more. We also got major contributions, with a special "wow" from Sebastien Dionne. More impressive (for us, at least) is the community recent activities. In terms of emails, July will beat our best month ever, which was last June. Our traffic is growing, which is very encouraging. You can see how we look by stopping at MarkMail. As for the main Grizzly page, our traffic is up as well (based on Google Analytics).

Picture 2.jpg

Alexey is taking the lead of Grizzly 2.0. We are almost ready to deliver our first build. Finally, I did an Eduardo of myself and started writing some Grizzly news. Didn't missed one week since 3 weeks :-) Meme le mal se fait bien!!


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cool.. your talking about me :) (Sébastien)