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Google Chrome and Grizzly Comet: does it works?

Posted by jfarcand on September 4, 2008 at 1:57 PM PDT

The buzz around Google Chrome attacked me...just to make sure Chrome supports Comet, I did try using the monster implementation to see if sockets in Chrome works with Grizzly Comet (and Java).


I've first downloaded Grizzly Comet OSGi bundle (buzzword invasion:-)) and the simple Flickr demo we are shipping. To launch the Comet demo, you just have to do:

java -jar grizzly-comet-webserver-1.8.5.jar -p 8080 -a grizzly-jmaki.war com.sun.grizzly.samples.comet.CometServlet
Running from: /tmp/grizzly-jmaki
Launching Servlet: com.sun.grizzly.samples.comet.CometServlet
4-Sep-2008 4:19:36 PM com.sun.grizzly.http.SelectorThread displayConfiguration
Grizzly configuration for port 8080
         maxThreads: 5
         minThreads: 5
         ByteBuffer size: 8192
         maxHttpHeaderSize: 8192
         maxKeepAliveRequests: 256
         keepAliveTimeoutInSeconds: 30
         Static File Cache enabled: true
         Static resources directory: /tmp/grizzly-jmaki
         Adapter : com.sun.grizzly.http.servlet.ServletAdapter
         Thread Pool (Pipeline): com.sun.grizzly.http.LinkedListPipeline
         Asynchronous Request Processing enabled: true
Server started in 359 milliseconds.

If you want to really have fun, just follow what is described here...and install Grizzly on your iPhone. Just like that:

Picture 1.png

On the Google Chrome side, you get:


Nice to see Chrome works with Comet! And the same example works like a charm when deployed in GlassFish v3


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