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Applying Asynchronous Web: The slides enter the Atmosphere...

Posted by jfarcand on October 23, 2008 at 10:18 AM PDT

This week I was in the Bay area to present at the California' Silicon Valley JUG. A significant set of peoples showed up to listen to the Canadian invasion (well one Canadian, one Quebecois ;-) )


Ted and I have presented an updated and improved version of our JavaOne 2008 at Google this week. For the first time I've talked about Atmosphere and was quite happy about the feedback I've got...quite positive so far! I should start pushing the code pretty soon and more important, start convincing more and more peoples to join the community and help!


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Désolé , je n'ai pas réussi à poster sur l'article

Bonjour, Very nice and clear article! i ve seen u ve written a lots..THX! I ve fund out an article about a simple chatroom using reverse ajax in DWR2 : that i succeeded to add to my tomcat5.5. So since tomcat 5.5 doesn t support asynchronous request processing , all requests will be blocked on a thread? if i switch to tomcat 6, it will write data back on comming connections asynchronously and give better performance? Or Dwr2 can handle the asynchronous request/response processing ? Merci d'avance.