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Preventing Rogue Applications to affect overall performance of Glassfish Prelude

Posted by jfarcand on October 2, 2008 at 5:16 AM PDT

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One wonders what ever happened to the Application Isolation API (JSR 121):

Salut, please post your questions to or'm sure you will get a response really fast :-). A+

Hi Jean-François, yes, opacity about JSR evolution is one of the main issues about JCP.... but JSR-121 has got a final status, but not JSR-284( final draft since august 2007). it permits to everyone to follow one standard, and not reinvent the whell. it has been done by the team (java os) for JSR-121. cheers, Charles.

Felipe, Thanks!! Charles, I think someone from the GlasFish team is looking at that jsr. But on my side, I haven't yet add a chance to look at it. As for 121, I think that one is dead for awhile...A+ -- Jeanfrancois

Hey may be this is the wrong way to ask for yr help but its the only one i could think of. If u could just take a minute to look... We have a problem with glassfish/grezzly. It was some talk about it on SUN's forum, but it was NEVER answered. Plz contact me by email if possible.

Hi, have you any news about the JSR-284 (initially planned for jee6) which standardize a "Resource Consumption Management API"? a proposed final draft is present since mid-2007. do you plan to support it in glassfish v3? have you any news about advancement of this JSR? cheers, Charles GAY.

I would say it is fantastic :) Other good trick is to separate the server ports and then use the networks infrastructure to allocate more or less bandwith to specific ports (this is what I was planning to do.. including all sort of configuration mess).. Now I will include this Glassfish featuer as a new and much easier way to achieve the same results (I guess)... thanks a lot for this blog.. a new knowledge here .......