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Updating Grizzly version in GlassFish v3

Posted by jfarcand on November 5, 2008 at 10:27 AM PST

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I'm having trouble getting grizzly cometd to work with dojo. The glassfishv3prelude distribution comes with comet support, but returns comment-enclosed json, e.g. the handshake message from com.sun.grizzly.cometd.servlet.CometdServlet looks like this: /*[{"channel":"/meta/handshake","version":"1.0","supportedConnectionTypes":["long-polling","callback-polling"],"minimumVersion":"0.9","id":"0","clientId":"74b7ea07ea4f233c","successful":true,"advice":{"reconnect":"retry","interval":0,"multiple-clients":false},"authSuccessful":true}]*/ I cannot figure out from the advice above which pieces of grizzly I should fetch and update. Can you advise me which pieces I should take from Or, where can I find this out?