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What's really cool with GlassFish v3 Prelude

Posted by jfarcand on November 6, 2008 at 6:55 AM PST

GlassFish v3 Prelude is out today, and as I do for every GlassFish release, here is a list of cool features the official documentation/marketing might not talk about.


  • Comet support: GlassFish now officially support AjaxPush/Comet technique via Grizzly Comet. And we have official documentation about it! And demo! And tutorials in French, Japanese, English, Spanish.
  • Cometd/Bayeux Protocol support: The Bayeux Protocol is becoming a de-facto standard when you want to do Comet using DOJO.
  • Improved Priority based request processing: Those rogues applications that affect overall performance are informed: we will isolate you if you don't perform as we want.
  • Retain session data during redeployment: That one is just too cool. Redeploy your application without loosing your session data. Just can't leave without that as a developer!
  • Official Apache mod_jk support: Finally! Apache/mod_jk is also a de-facto standard for most ISP. We are officially supporting it with no paint like before.
  • Tomcat-style valves support : Deploy your Tomcat's Valve extension inside GlassFish.
  • Jersey in GlassFish: Grizzly can REST, Jersey now in Prelude!
  • Command line start up and deployment: Why wasting time using deployment command if you can just do: java -jar ${glassfish.home}/modules/glassfish.jar MyAppFolder
  • Static WebServer: When Prelude starts, the Servlet/JSP Container is not started if no application are deployed. But you can still serve static pages via the Grizzly's Http Extension. No fluff!
  • Powered By Grizzly: @JavaOne 2006 I've talked about a Grizzly based micro-kernel that could be extended on the fly using Maven artifact. That project got killed internally (to punish them I did Grizzly Comet instead :-)) but part of the original design ended up in v3 Prelude. Support for Grails (Groovy), Rails (Jruby), Admin Cli, Automatic installation of AdminGui Servlet/JSP Container, Static Web Server...all powered by the Grizzly extensions point! Technical details here!

Gigantic kudossss to Jerome who lead v3...that release was a tough one!!


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I think this is a first for Sun - full support for a product in this "prelude" stage (something I would describe as, "ready although not complete"). Kudos for being aggresive like that. It sends an important message, so people will have the correct perception that this release is something you can use today in production, at least for two-tier web apps (no EJB) - and not alpha/beta-quality code that would crash your app, burn your server and kill your dog.