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Grizzly 1.9.0 is out and refuse to hibernate!

Posted by jfarcand on December 3, 2008 at 7:22 PM PST

The latest release of the monster include tons of enhancements and new features like new Asynchronous I/O support, OSGi improvement, ExecutorServices now supported natively, Asynchronous Http Write, and many more


We have worked really hard on that release to deliver what the community was asking. The list is long, but here is a summary...more details every hour on Twitter!

  • Asynchronous I/O support: Module framework and http have been extended and can now take advantages of NIO.2...and the performance is fantastic!
  • Asynchronous HTTP write support: Module http (our WebServer) can now be configured to support asynchronous http write. Until now, the module was using this trick. Now you decide (via GrizzlyWebServer)
  • ExecutorServices now natively supported: You can now take your favorite ExecutorServices and use it as it is (no more Wrapper needed)
  • Our "on the side" Embeddable Servlet Container now supports all flavors of listeners like ServletContextListener etc. It is time to try our Servzly WebServer
  • Comet Framework performance improvement: we have significantly improved the performance, and added some nice features like the ReflectorCometHandler...and a very nice demo called Twitter ;-)
  • GrizzlyAdapterChain now supports multiple GrizzlyAdapter and can map requests on the fly. You can now embed Grizzly Http and add several Adapter like ServletAdapter, JRubyAdapter, CometAdapter etc. and get requests dispatched to those Adapter.
  • Improvements here and there
  • A healthy community that helps improving the monster

But we don't hibernate release is coming fast


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See the thread associated with your question here:

Hi, Is the any tutorial on how I can use the Java NIO to create a a multple file upload app? Thanks

Thanks. Since our container is not yet compliant with the spec, we keep it low profile right now. But it is on the front page line (search Servlet) :-)

This all sounds really good - honestly. You guys, however, probably could get more traction in the competition, if the grizzly pages would offer a standalone servlet container binary for download. If this already exists, then it's just a matter of making that fact more prominent on the projects web pages, so that people actually find and start using it ... ;-) Cheers. Joerg