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Grizzly Community Release -> 1.9.5 is out!

Posted by jfarcand on February 3, 2009 at 8:10 AM PST

We got attacked by a community boost in January, which resulted in tons of contributions and improvements to the monster. This is for sure our biggest community release...


January is usually a recovering mouth...except for the monster this year! After weeks of hard works and collaborations, here is a summary of Grizzly 1.9.5 changes logs:

Grizzly Comet Framework improvements: High Performant Concurrent CometHandler, Improved overall Performance, Reflector CometHandler.

  • Grizzly Http: Improved GrizzlyWebServer, Mapper supports for GrizzlyAdapterChain, dynamic reconfiguration of GrizzlyAdapterChain, Suspends/Resume supports improved
  • Bayeux Protocol (cometd): Improved scalability and performance, improved Java API support for Servlet, EJB, etc.
  • Servlet: Sharing ServletAdapter state, Lifecycle of ServletAdapter supported, Servlet Listeners supported.
  • Framework: Performance improved, Async Write optimized, UDP improvements
  • Distribution: we are shipping a new OSGi bundle that contains all sub projects (Comet. Http, Servlet, etc.)

    The complete changes log is here. What's next? The OSGi HttpService implementation is going fast, more Servlet fixes/missing features, performance improvements and the most important, Grizzly 2.0 first release really soon! Follow us on Twitter for every day updates on Grizzly!


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  • Comments

    @stenlee, GlassFish 2.1 uses Grizzly 1.0.21.jar More info here Thanks!

    Hi Jean, pls, what version of grizzly is used in newly released GF 2.1 ? Can't find this information anywhere :(. 1.0.?? Thanks a lot stenlee

    can I add the latest grizzly release to glassfish v3 from the glassfish update center?