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1.9.11 released! What's cool with Grizzly 1.9.11?

Posted by jfarcand on April 8, 2009 at 4:17 PM PDT


Grizzly 1.9.11 is freshly released. What's cool? Get ready: Servlet Deployer, HttpService OSGi spec support, XML config a la "Spring", Performance improvement...and a new LOGO. Meet the new monster!


Here we go with a subset of what WE accomplished since our last release. The difference? Sun representative are now in minority, and we are getting patch after patch after patch for with new feature!. Here is a summary of what's new:

  • http-servlet-deployer: A new Servlet Deployer for the http-servlet module. Fully deploy your war on the monster! You can run that module from the command line (or embed) and deploy war file on the fly. Support 2.x/3.0 web.xml
  • config: A new configuration module that allow the creation of Grizzly's application from an XML file. This will be extensively used by GlassFish but can also be used with Grizzly.
  • mod_jk support: You can now cluster GrizzlyAdapter and front them using Apache 2
  • HttpService OSGI support: Yes we fully support that spec now!!
  • Innovate on Grizzly, deploy on GlassFish v3: Deploy your GrizzlyAdapter on GlassFish v3 and get all the cool functionality for free!
  • Grizzly SSLConfig: make SSL configuration fun!
  • And some performance improvement, some bug fixes (thanks for all the patches), etc...complete log here

What's next: WebSocket support, http client, leader follower thread pool support, WarAdapter, etc...and Grizzly 2.0 M1 most probably next week!

For any questions, post them to or tweet us here.


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