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Finally a portable implementation! The Bayeux protocol now supported by the Atmosphere Framework

Posted by jfarcand on June 18, 2009 at 8:46 PM PDT

The work done by the Cometd team, the java implementation of the Bayeux Protocol, can now run on top of the Atmosphere Framework. Under the hood, the proper Comet API is as usual detected!

mathieu 019.jpg

The default implementation uses Jetty 7 Continuation under the hood...but now if you run it on top of the Atmosphere Framework, it will auto detect the container's native Comet API (or use the Servlet 3.0 async if available)! So you can now run the same application using GlassFish, Tomcat 5/6, Jetty 6, WebLogic, JBossWeb and event Tomcat 4 (happy 10 years!)

So for the first time (why? read Matthias here), we have finally a PORTABLE Bayeux protocol implementation! See the official announcement here (and how to try it).

For any questions, go to our main site and use our Nabble forum (no subscription needed) or follow us on Twitter and tweet your questions there!


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Dear Jean-Francois, Sorry, I did not know if you can receive email from Nabble. I also did not know where to post my issue. I really need your help. in your reply I encounter a similar problem that my glassfish hang on waiting some response from other program. I experiment your suggestion and my glassfish hang similar to my current situation. Here is your suggestion. We need to find why your request are queued. Like I said, it's usually not a Grizzly/WebContainer issue. You can reproduce that issue easily by writing a Servlet that does: Thread.sleep(60000); Do 10 requests, and you will get the same unresponsiveness as you has been observed. All requests will be serviced, but the last 4 will take a while. I just sleep for 4000 ms. it only reply 10 response/second. My application server is 4-core CPU with 4G RAM on CentOS5.3 Without such sleep action it can response 500/second at least. I am wondering how to conifgure Glassfish to increase the performance. Can you list some or give me some advicses? Thank you for your kindly help!! Eric