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Starbucks and JavaServer Faces

Posted by jhook on August 7, 2005 at 8:29 PM PDT

I just got back from a trip out to Boston. Being away from my home and cappuccino maker, I found myself standing in line at Starbucks far too many times-- listening to all kinds of orders for 'coffee'.

One could compare the JavaServer Faces framework to a chain like Starbucks. Starbucks offers a multitude of choices under a packaged 'brand'. You have those that know exactly what they want and will order things like a 'grande, low-fat, sugar-free hazel nut latte with skim milk' and you have those that will simply ask for a 'medium coffee' . You know who you are.

What does this mean for the application developer? Everyone wants the same thing-- an application. For some, they will want to wire JSF into various controller frameworks and bean containers, with a dash of in-house components. Others might just opt to use an IDE like Studio Creator to easily drag and drop an application together. Both types of developers can get what they want under the same packaged 'brand' with JSF.

You have your baristas, like Oracle or Apache, who are masters at brewing up rich-- components. And there are those of you who like to always add a little something of your own to your morning brew (you know that flask in the bottom left drawer of your desk).

JavaServer Faces, like Starbucks, hope to cater to everyone on different levels; the guy that needs to reherse his five-part order and the guy that just wants 'coffee'. I hear people grumble and recall the days when you could just order a 'medium coffee'. JSF's stack is a vibrant echo of that point. Go ahead and order your 'medium coffee'-- it's as easy as it's ever been. For those of you have tuned your tastebuds to something a little more rich-- JSF will do wonders for your palette.

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