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JavaOne 2007 - JavaFX, Desktop, and JSF

Posted by jhook on May 8, 2007 at 2:41 PM PDT

At JavaOne this year, I've decidedly filled my schedule with Desktop track sessions and network-related talks. Everything is becoming more appealing now with Sun's commitment to providing a "Consumer" release of Java SE mid-2008 (expected) which will include fixes/enhancements around webstart, swing, user experience/performance, and finally the inclusion of JavaFX.

Much of this goes back to my previous blog on desktop Java and deployment-- where it's becoming much more appealing for business services. To me, it's not a matter of blurring the user experience, but of optimal data boundaries and scalability of deployment from a features standpoint.

Now, with JavaFX and the potential that it offers (again mainly because of Sun's announced product strategy and commitment), I'm still firmly behind my statement before on JSF 2.0 with pushing for a renewed focus on traditional web paradigms or at least optimizing for it. If we push for even more catering to AJAX within the spec as a rich client solution, I'm afraid that as we spiral down that path-- the ground will come up to meet us fairly quickly out of renewed consumer desktop solutions and changed deployment strategies.

Lastly, when we are talking about specs/JSRs, we aren't creating solutions for now, it's more like two to three years from now. Where will the rest of the platform be going and when will JSF become the optimal choice for all web sites, including things on the scale of eBay or Yahoo?