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"Sliders gone Wild!" -- Notes from the Opening Keynote

Posted by jhurley on May 8, 2007 at 12:22 PM PDT

John Gage (as tradition dictates) did his usual great job opening the conference, and handed off to Rich Green to run the show. Rich had executives from Ericsson, NASDAQ, Sony, etc join him on stage for announcements and tales on how they're using Java.

Some notes from the announcements:

* NetBeans

  • active users are up 92%
  • NetBeans 6.0 preview is out:
    • includes dynamic scripting with Java, JRuby 1.0, and JavaScript
    • GUI builder which further simplifies client applications
    • Robust new editor
    • Modular packs for everything you need (mobility, C/C++, Web, etc)

* OpenJDK

  • open source Java is here!
  • OpenJDK project -- open source, buildable Java Development Kit

* JavaFX

  • Consumer -focused family of Java technologies
  • High impact consumer markets
  • based on Java SE

* JavaFX Script

  • scripting language for rich internet applications
  • roadmap for content authoring tools
  • designed for content professionals
  • leverages Java's unmatched reach, stability, security
  • preview release available
  • simple, easy to use
  • James Gosling: "Why another scripting language? Most scripting languages are focused on a particular application domain (e.g., generating html pages). One of the areas untouched by scripting languages is interactive graphical experiences that are flexible "roll overs and sliders gone wild".

* JavaFX Mobile

  • "The network in your hand"
  • complete and fully integrated Java software system for mobile devices
  • Open, standards -based Java technologies
  • Supports JavaFX content authoring tools
  • Java SE -based
  • made available to OEMs -- customizable, to meet business models for handset providers worldwide.