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No SAAJ RI dependency in JAX-WS RI

Posted by jitu on September 20, 2007 at 7:39 PM PDT

Issue : 54 wants JAX-WS RI to be independent of Sun's StAX impl (sjsxp) and SAAJ impl(SAAJ RI). The dependency on SJSXP is removed long time back. It works well with woodstox StAX parser. The dependency on SAAJ RI is removed in 2.1.3. This would help vendors to package JAX-WS RI with their SAAJ implementations. During this process, I had to pull in SAAJ RI's DataContentHandler implementations, Content-Type MIME header parsing classes to JAX-WS RI.

This is interesting. Intially, SAAJ RI pulled-in MIME processing classes from JavaMail and removed its dependency on JavaMail. Now JAX-WS RI did the same with SAAJ RI and couple of JavaMail classes finally landed into JAX-WS RI !!

If MIME processing is a separate project, it would be helpful to many projects. But JAX-WS RI require code only for parsing MIME messages not so much of creating/editing MIME messages. Even in parsing, it requires only parsing Content-Type header. Similarly, if URI escaping and encoding is a separate utility class in Java SE(unfortunately, it's implementation is hidden in, it would be useful to many projects. Though assembling many small pieces of reusable software is hard, but we require them. Otherwise, they will be duplicated.