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Minimal vs Humane

Posted by jive on December 8, 2005 at 12:18 PM PST

I recently wrote an article on the GeoTools website responding to the Minimal/Humane contrast between Java and Ruby.

Fron the intro

This article is in response to an excelent observation made by Martin Fowler here:

  • Minimal Interface - to the smallest reasonable set of methods that will do the job
  • Humane Interface - design the interface so that it's really easy to do the common case

This articles covers how to use Builders and Utility classes make geotools easy.

Here is the link to: Pain Free GeoTools

I often find my writing is better situtated closer to the community then hidden off on a blog somewhere, I will try and make sure I use this as a bit of a feed to bring attention to my public writing. (rather then just a source of origional content).