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FOSS4G 2007 2 days and counting

Posted by jive on September 22, 2007 at 12:59 PM PDT

The Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial conference is ramping up and Java should be everywhere. I have the privileged of working with a number of people doing presentations this year - and it has been great watching the GeoServer project (running Java EE) catch up to the long time king of the hill MapServer (written in C).

If you want to see how close these two are be sure to attend the presentation: WMS Performacne: Mapserver vs. Geoserver.

It is a good thing I got a sneak peek at the results, because I am going to be busy are a couple of things to see out of the way of the main program.

Demo Theatre

This year at FOSS4G we have a full on Demo Theatre set up; think of these as a lightning talk combined with actual running software. I can think of few better ways to get a feel for what is going on then sitting back and watching these programs actually run.

The Demo Theatre is happening during the coffee and lunch breaks; and there is a speak Google Summer of Code slot Wednesday Morning where you can take a look at what the next generation of developers are working on.

Developer Gatherings

If you want to hunt me down and talk shop please visit the Refractions booth. We will have a live PostGIS and uDig demos going as part of the integration showcase. The other place I will at least visit is the OSGeo booth, with OSGEO formally running the show this year we may have the place to ourself?

There are two places to hunt down the developer community and see them in action:

See you there!