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FindBugz Community Review

Posted by jive on March 13, 2010 at 6:38 PM PST

I am very fond of FindBugz (indeed it has found its way into the QA process of most projects I work on....). When visiting the site to check Eclispe 3.5.2 compatibility I found they were working on a new tool.

Indeed a very interesting tool.

Looks like they have a specific tool for browsing the output of a findbugz; and sifting through the results in order to mark each issue. They have an example for Eclipse 3.5 listed.

Now I think I get this result when I run FindBugz direct in eclipse (it produces a bunch of warnings for me to sift through). What is interesting is the Classify and First seen fields. It is my hope that this tool can be hooked into the bug tracker for each project allowing people to raise an issue directly for review.


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It's "FindBugs".

Just sayin'.