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Posted by jive on April 11, 2011 at 5:06 PM PDT

ObjectAID is the first UML tool you may actually use; I know I should talk about its features or something - but the real reason you may actually use this application is that it is Fast.

1. Run the wizard to create a new diagram

2. Drag and Drop your classes into the diagram

3. I have found the "auto image" setting helpful so it writes out an image (PNG,GIF,etc..) every time you make a change.

Here is one of the many diagrams pulled together for the GeoTools User Guide I have been rewriting.

GeoTools FeatureSource

You can install ObjectAID from the eclipse marketplace (in the help menu).

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<p>&nbsp;The sequence diagram wizard from objetaid is also ...

The sequence diagram wizard from objetaid is also cool, However its not free. :(

<p>Ugh ...</p> <p>Registering required an eight character ...

Ugh ...
Registering required an eight character username.
Not free and price not listed. (How much is it?)
2 things that have dissuaded me from looking any more closely at it