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JavaOne day 1: the future of Java

Posted by jjviana on September 21, 2010 at 12:00 PM PDT

There was a lot happening at day 1. The amount of simultaneous activity can be dazzling at times and I felt i needed a good nights rest in order to digest the enormous amount of information fed into my brain yesterday.

I am writing this post from the Mason Street tent and the vibe around here is electrifying. Its hard to remember as one goes about the day-to-day development activities that there are so many Java developers in the world...Of course we interact all the time on mailing lists and twitter and blogs but to see so many Java developers in person in a single place gives me an exact idea of just how big and active the Java ecosystem really is.

The main news item today was the  JavaOne keynote, which finally laid out definitely what are the Oracle plans for Java in the next couple of years. there was a lot of information for a hour and a half session, and more details will emerge in todays General Technical Session but the highlights are:

  •  Java 7 will be split in two releases: 7 in 2011, 8 in 2012
  • Oracle will continue investing in JavaFX but will kill JavaFxScript. JavaFX will be written in pure Java  and will be able to run on HTML 5 browsers through cross-compilation to JavaScript.
  • A new mobile initiative called will take JavaME to the next level. It will feature updated apis more suited to todays feature phones and smartphones. Maybe that explains the Google lawsuit?
  • Oracle is commited to continue developing Glassfish and pushing the Java EE specifications forward.

As I said this is a lot of information and there are a lot of gory details yet to be specified. I am particularly curious about the HTML 5  support in JavaFX as it could enable JavaFX applications on the ipad/iphone. Hopefully we will gain more in-depth understanding of these features in the General Technical Session.

The overal feeling I got was that Oracle is commited to take Java to the next level and they plan to listen a lot fo the community as they do it. At the end of the keynote everyone was invited to wear a t-shirt which had  the phrase " I am the future of Java"  stamped.

Lets go and try to make it true.


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