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JavaOne Day 0: Glassfish Community Event

Posted by jjviana on October 2, 2011 at 11:49 PM PDT

JavaOne started for me today with the Glassfish Community Event.

It was a nice opportunity to meet the Glassfish Development Team as well as people I have interacted with but not met in person until today.

The event, as well as the community party afterwards, had more people than last year. That is also my perception for the entire conference: there are more people attending this year than in the last year. If that is true or just my impression is something that only the conference organizers will be able to answer. The Java community seems, at least in numbers, to be stronger than ever...

From the information provided at the event, I can tell you that Java EE 7 and Glassfish are moving towards the Cloud: the next version of Glassfish (Glassfish 4) will have support for managing Glassfish on virtualized environments and will support multi-tenant applications as per the Java EE 7 spec.

There were many customer testimonials about how Glassfish is performing in production environments. Common themes: the high performance of the web stack (Grizzly) and the poor formatting of the server log messages.

 Looking forward to the JavaOne keynote tomorrow...

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