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Contributing to Mustang: Low hanging fruit

Posted by joconner on December 22, 2005 at 2:01 AM PST

After a brief rest from this public Mustang community experiment, I'm back. And I've found the perfect's easy to fix, very low hanging fruit that's just right for a new contributor to Mustang. What is it? It's bug/change request id #4994762, and I'm all over it.

Bug #4994762 is a javadoc bug, priority 4 (low). Not too important as far as bugs go, but I'll have this fixed in no time. Why did I pick this? Well, it was easy to fix, and the type of bug isn't particularly relevant to this experiment. The goal is to test the contribution process, not my bug fixing skills. Besides, this is exactly the kind of bug that beginning contributors are encouraged to tackle. Once I get some respect around here, I'll move on to something bigger and better...a priority 1 or 2 bug no doubt. Until then, what's my bug? JTextComponent's javadoc for getDisabledTextColor is incorrect.

The incorrect docs say this:

Fetches the current color used to render the selected text.

And it should say this:

Fetches the current color used to render the disabled text.

OK, I've got my bug; I've got the fix. Now what? Join me tomorrow after I find out how to submit this thing. Until then, you can find your own bug to fix from the online bug database.

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