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Contributing to Mustang: Integrating the fix for bug #4994762

Posted by joconner on January 10, 2006 at 10:37 AM PST

After coming out of holiday hibernation, Sun shows signs of integrating the bug fix I contributed late last month. I received an email thanking me for the fix. Brief, but containing everything I wanted to know, the email is below:

Thank you for the suggested fix.
I am working on getting the fix integrated into mustang b68.


So far so good. Yes, I've heard that responses can be slow, but for such a minor bug fix, I'm surprised to hear from anyone so quickly. Let's #66 is available now. So I expect b68 in a couple weeks.

If you still have no response from Sun regarding a fix you've submitted, leave me a comment containing the bug# you've fixed and the issue you're facing. I'll put them all together into a single blog right here...maybe someone will notice and provide us all a status update on your submission!

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