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Open Source Java!

Posted by joconner on May 16, 2006 at 10:41 PM PDT

I never thought it would happen. After all, I dismissed the idea of an open source Java platform once already. However, I've heard the message twice in the same number of days, once yesterday at NetBeans Day and again this morning in the JavaOne General Session. I didn't believe it yesterday. After all, it's possible I just misunderstood. However, after this morning I can't deny it any longer. Sun will release the Java platform to the open source community...I can barely write it.

Jonathan Schwartz, Sun CEO, asked the question bluntly, "Are you going to open source Java?" This time Rich Green, EVP of software at Sun, answered more clearly, "It's not a question of whether, but a question of how." I tried to believe I heard it wrong until Jonathan reiterated the message.

Yes, it's true, and the message is out. Sun will open source the Java platform. When? Rich didn't provide details on a timeframe. How? He didn't reveal that either. Rich said several times, though, that Sun is working on how to release an open source Java platform. He said it in front of how many? 14,000 people? Geez. I guess he's serious about it.

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