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Create Great Looking GUIs with NetBeans 5.5

Posted by joconner on November 19, 2006 at 11:52 PM PST

You know I enjoy using NetBeans, so you'll not be surprised about my enthusiasm for NetBeans 5.5. Of course, you also know that I like to be clear and direct about my experiences using this and other tools, and I've blogged about some of my successes and frustrations with NetBeans. I do think NetBeans is turning into a great tool for creating Java applications. The GUI builder is getting better too, although I still haven't mastered it. Still, I've found lots of reasons to consider NetBeans 5.5 as the #1 choice of tools for creating GUIs.

My latest article Create Great Looking GUIs with NetBeans 5.5 is definitely a positive review of the product. I think it's right on target for the factors that I comment about there, but there are lots of other issues to consider when evaluating a development tool. If you'd like to toss your two cents into the discussion about NetBeans 5.5, you can begin here. I've enthusiastically promoted NetBeans, but do you see it the same as I do? Let me know. Your comments about NetBeans 5.5, both positive and negative, will help the NB team create a better product.

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