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New property syntax in JDK 7...yawn, ho-hum

Posted by joconner on January 16, 2007 at 10:26 PM PST

I have nothing technical to add to the debate. However, I have been monitoring the recent poll that asks "How important is it to you that JDK 7 offers a new property syntax?" The results so far seem to indicate that almost two-thirds of the voters just don't need a new syntax. A minority, just 15%, think it's "very important" to the Java platform. They're a small but vocal group.

The poll may have flaws. It may not be scientifically valid or useful. However, it does provide some anecdotal evidence, and I'll take any evidence I can get. A new syntax for properties? I don't particularly need it, and so far the poll results suggest that most of you don't need it either.

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