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Developing Java apps for the Playstation, X-Box, or Wii

Posted by joconner on November 5, 2007 at 9:18 AM PST

A business associate recently asked me about the availability of a JRE on the Playstation, X-Box, and Wii. He wants to run his Java media jukebox software on those systems. I told him I'd look into it over the weekend.

Web searches for various combinations of java playstation or java wii produced little substantial information from the Playstation, X-Box, or Wii official sites or vendors. Forums and chat rooms have lots of speculation, confusion, and probably lots of misinformation. My weekend of casual searching produced no reliable information. I still don't know whether any of the shipping Playstations, X-Boxes, or Wii systems contain a JRE.

I do recall announcements at JavaOne in the last several years -- those announcements hinted that a JRE existed and would be available for the Playstation. But I haven't been able to confirm that. So, what is the state of the Java platform on those systems? Anyone know? And if a JRE does exist for Playstation, where is it? And why is it not readily visible and available? If it is, I've certainly missed it.

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