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Swing Fuse and the Swing Application Framework

Posted by joconner on November 9, 2007 at 2:57 PM PST

Recently I had the opportunity to investigate and write about the Swing Application Framework. Included in that framework is a clever resource injection feature.

Admittedly I'm just learning about the Swing Fuse project, which also provides resource injection. So, my questions may have obvious answers that I simply haven't discovered yet.

The primary developer for Fuse is Romain Guy, right? And I know that Romain has close ties to the Swing desktop team and community. I'd be surprised if he had not been involved somehow with the design and development of the Swing App Framework. Yet, I see repeated references to Fuse and Romain's involvement with that separate project.

I'm curious about what divides the Swing App Framework's resource injection features from Fuse. Certainly the app framework does more than just resource injection, but that is a large bullet point of its functionality list.

So, what does Fuse have that's not in the app framework? And why isn't the Fuse functionality just part of the app framework to begin with? I have something to research over the weekend, and my wife will have to wait yet another week before I can clean out the garage -- can't say I'll share her disappointment.

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