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Reviewing NetBeans 6.1

Posted by joconner on May 6, 2008 at 3:17 PM PDT

The NetBeans community approved and released NetBeans 6.1 last week. That's right before JavaOne 2008. That's convenient! And of course, some of the JavaOne demos have NB 6.1 running in the background. If you're at JavaOne, you can't escape it. NetBeans 6.1 is here.

The latest NetBeans 6.1 has improved in these areas:

  • JavaScript support
  • Performance boosts
  • MySQL support
  • CRUD support for quick creation of database applications
  • Spring framework support
  • Ruby and JRuby support
  • Mercurial support

You can find out more about this latest release by checking out my online review: NetBeans 6.1: Worth a Try.

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