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Getting MarsEdit to work with

Posted by joconner on August 20, 2010 at 12:09 PM PDT

I've wanted to know how to do this for over a year. Not having the time in the past, well, the task just got delayed over and over. Now I finally figured this out, and I'm sharing with you. Surely there are other bloggers that prefer to use their own blog client and MarsEdit in particular if you're using an OS X client.

So, without further delay, here is how I set up my own MarsEdit client to blog on

  1. Create a new blog account. Name it "" or whatever you prefer.
  2. Provide the blog url as "<username>". For me, this was "".
  3. For the System Name setting, choose "Drupal".
  4. For the System API, I chose Metaweblog. However, you may also be able to use the Blogger API or even AtomPub.
  5. The API endpoint URL is this: ?
  6. Maybe the most important part of this is the your blog id setting is "blog"....not anything numeric as you may have expected or have used in the past. Do not use a number here, use the text string blog.
  7. Your username is the same as <username> above.
  8. When asked for a password, you need to use the long blog password generated here: ?

I have one last problem to resolve. When I send my blog entry to, the resulting entry is in draft state. I had to go up to, log in and manually change this from draft to published. That's inconvenient.

If you know how to get me over this last hump, I'd very much appreciate it. I want to blog at again, but I just would really prefer to use my own tool instead of the drupal web interface.


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