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Quotes: The Good, the Bad, and the Over-hyped

Posted by johnm on June 11, 2003 at 10:13 PM PDT

Best Evangelical: Java is

Freedom by Amy Fowler -- quoted by husband John Fowler during

Tuesday's keynote.

Best Drug Reference:This is your brain on

Java by me during the GE Medical demo. They used Java 2D &

Java 3D to do display (and nauseating zooming :-) of various brain scans.

Best Safe Sex Pitch:Do it more! Do it

safely! by Jonathan Schwartz. I'll just leave the rest of the

context to your imagination.

Most Overused Second-hand Quote:

Innovation happens elsewhere by Bill Joy. (A)

Bill's not even at the show so the uses are all second hand. (B) So far, it's been

used at least 5 times by different people.

Best Quote Under the Gun: No

pressure! by Tor when his demo failed during the keynote and

he had to rebuild it on the fly because he hadn't saved his work. Doh!

Scariest Quote: Java's here! Java's here!

Java's everywhere! by Duke during a truly frightening, drug

induced frenzy in a Java Everywhere video pitch. I think I'm

going to be haunted by the creepy sound of that for a long time. Blech!

Best Cultural Attitude: Everyone is a Brazilian by John Gage.

Best Zen Mantra: I seek

calmness by Rob Gingell -- talking about the JCP at the

alumni fireside chat.

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