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Use less milk?

Posted by johnm on February 17, 2005 at 10:54 AM PST

My little girl has this habit of pouring way too much milk into her bowl of cereal. Then, she whines and complains when we tell her to drink up the extra milk after the cereal is gone so it doesn't go to waste. Yesterday, she got quite snippy when I dared to suggest that she try pouring less milk into the bowl.

Gee, she sounds like a lot of managers and developers of software.

Though, to be more precise, in most software situations, it's not that they pour too much milk but, rather the converse: trying to eat way too much cereal for the given amount of milk. Of course, it gets even worse when we're asked to eat random weeds from the edge of the parking lot instead of cereal because the powers–that–be misheard some "guru" talking about the miraculous recuperative abilities of mountain goats who eat nothing but weeds.

In terms of software estimates, why are we, as an industry, so far off? Is it merely incompetence or perhaps fibbing to say what the suits want to hear or are there more subtle things going on, too? I think it's exactly the same problem that my little girl has... She can see the surface of a pile of cereal in her bowl and as she pours the milk, she sees the milk run off the surface and disappear, by the time she sees the milk level come up towards the surface of the cereal, it's too late.

Now, some folks might say to eat more, smaller bowls so you don't run into that milk hiding problem (which is related to the burning your mouth on the hot sauce hiding under the cool layer of cheese on your pizza :-). Others might advocate pouring some amount of milk into the bowl first and then pour the cereal to match. Anal-retentive types might do a myriad of studies (i.e., waste a lot of milk and cereal) to figure out some magical metric by which to precisely predict the proper amount of milk to use for the average cereal according to the preferences of some imaginary average person.

Me, I like an adaptive approach: Pour some cereal, pour some milk, mix it all up, and taste it. If there's too much milk, add a small amount of cereal. If there's too much cereal, pour a wee bit more milk. If it's exactly right, look for the Candid Camera folks (especially if I used up the last of the cereal and milk simultaneously :-). Gee, for some reason, this tastes the same as another process.

Bon apetit!

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