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Krugle is hiring

Posted by johnm on April 22, 2006 at 12:33 PM PDT

Yes, it's true that I've been lax in my blogging so far this year because I've been working as the Chief Architect of Krugle. Sure, I've written some entries on the Krugle blog but living the startup life is definitely not conducive to regular blogging -- even at a company whose blogmaster is none other than the wild and crazy Chris Locke of e.g., The Cluetrain Manifesto fame (and the rest of the team ain't too shabby, either :-).

What we're creating with Krugle is a search engine for software developers. I.e., no more pawing through pages and pages of Google searches, hunting around various web sites, etc. trying to find useful results for technical information. We're crawling millions of technical pages and sucking down terabytes of source code using Nutch, processing pages with Antlr-based parsers, and serving up the search results using Lucene.

The site is currently in a limited beta and we're getting great feedback. I just saw that we're the most anticipated launch on the Museum of Modern Betas. Heck, that's even cooler than winning a DEMOGod award.

So, if you know any take-no-prisoners, hardcore people who want to work on a project that's actually making developers' lives better... Krugle is hiring.

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