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McNealy out, Schwartz in as Sun CEO

Posted by johnm on April 24, 2006 at 10:42 PM PDT

Yes, it's true. Scott "Scooter" McNealy is stepping down as CEO of Sun Microsystems. Sun may be doing better than previously but it's still losing real money. Worse, it lost most of its mindshare over the last 6 years.

Jonathan Schwartz will continue as President and become the top dog. Personally, I think this is a really good move. Jonathan has embraced a much more clueful approach, especially relative to the big, corporate behemoth that is Sun. :-)

A few weeks ago, I attened a Sun "VC Event" where they were pitching the new servers to VCs and their various portfolios companies down in the Valley. [The best part of getting there on time was getting time to chat with James Gosling because no suits are ever on time. :-?] Jonathan gave a strong pitch for Sun's new world view. Not just the words and slides but his presence and presentation gave off a much better tone than Scooter (let alone full-on psychos like Ballmer :-). Good luck!

Okay, honeymoon is over...

Hint to Jonathan: Sun sucks at follow through... Alas, I'm still waiting for delivery of a T2000 server to check out and there's nothing good about making people who really want to try out your products wait and wait and wait. But I'll talk a lot more about that stuff once I actually receive the demo box.

ObJava: The $64,000 question is still: what are you going to do with Java? Your presentation was full of lots of talk about how Sun is not only embracing but driving lots of open source but the family jewels, Java, is still firmly under lock and key.

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