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JavaOne 2006: Questions

Posted by johnm on May 16, 2006 at 7:07 AM PDT

As JavaOne 2006 officially starts today, there are lots of excited attendees floating around with lots of questions in their heads: How do I write Java code to deal with all of these new multi-core chips? How do I create Java-based web services quickly and easily? Who's giving out the cool schwag? Where are the parties worth going to? What sessions should I attend? Is Ruby (and Ruby on Rails) really kicking Java's ass? Why hasn't Sun given me a T2000 server? Why is it so cold in San Francisco in May? What is Sun's marketing team going to try to shove down everybody's throat this year? You know, the usual gamut of questions. :-)

Of course, with Jonathan Schwartz taking over for Scooter, the key question for a lot of people is: "Will Sun 'open source' Java?" Well, perhaps a better way to phrase the question is: "How will Sun deal with the issue of 'open sourcing' Java? Will Sun continue pretending that Java is already "open source" or will they actually take a true leadership role in moving Java forward?

Frankly, given Jonathan's latest blog entry, it sounds like he's going to continue Sun's delusional posturing. If so, he's going to have lost his best opportunity to ensure Sun's continuance as a company, let alone as any kind of leader. We need look no further than the most recent round of SGI's implosion to see a very clear example of what happens when a once-dominant company gets so entrenched in their own delusions of grandeur that they fail to adapt to the reality all around them.

Hopefully, Sun will be able to overcome its own fear so as to be able to make the next step.

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