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FindBugs in Anger

Posted by johnm on May 9, 2008 at 11:06 AM PDT

If you aren't already using Findbugs then hopefully you've at least heard about it by now and have some idea of how useful it can be.

If not, then let me say that FindBugs is a must have tool in the arsenal of any Java developer and any development team that's not using it as part of their regular development practices is incompetent.

Bill Pugh has done a fantastic job making FindBugs a great F/OSS tool which helps detect a large variety of all too common programming mistakes in Java.

You can find an online demo, slides from last year's FindBugs introduction , and can even run FindBugs over the web.

If you aren't yet convinced that FindBugs is really useful, let me point out that I've used FindBugs as an expert witness in cases where outsourcing projects had gone wrong and people were arguing about the quality of the delivered code (among other things). You have been warned. :-)

Go wild!

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