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Portability Thoughts

Posted by johnreynolds on October 27, 2003 at 11:24 AM PST

I love the nifty features, but...

Recently I attended a BEA presentation for their upgraded WebLogic Workshop.
I really think that BEA is on the right track for business application developers (think Visual Basic for Java). Many of the intricacies of developing a J2EE multi-tiered application are hidden from the user, and much of the tedium of configuration files and EJB interfaces has been eliminated. The development environment, although by no means perfect, makes great strides towards a declarative environment where the user can concentrate on what needs to be done, rather then on how it should be done. I particularly like the page flow support, both for the ease of setting up the underlying actions, and for the graphical representation that makes it so much easier for me to communicate with my business owners.

That said I am in a quandary on whether or not to recommend that my company adopt the tool. Applications built by WebLogic Workshop can only be deployed on WebLogic servers. My company is not actively planning to move to another app-server, but WLS-only applications certainly fly in the face of the