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BPELJ - Good idea or bad dream?

Posted by johnreynolds on March 25, 2004 at 2:25 PM PST

IBM and BEA have just released a joint white paper on BPELJ, a combination of BPEL and the Java programming language:

BPELJ: BPEL for Java technology

This may be a really good idea, or it may be the worst mismash since JSP was introduced.

I'm a fan of BPEL (Business Process Definition Language), and I really like the process definition features in WebLogic Workshop 8.1, but I'm not so sure about BPELJ. Apparently, IBM and BEA feel that BPEL is not sufficient by itself, so they are encouraging authors to embed Java "snippets" into their XML. This gives me flashbacks to JSP in the pre-Tag library days, and I can only shudder at the thought that somebody will propose the addition of tag libraries to BPEL.

My concerns are probably moot, since it is pretty clear that BPEL and BPELJ are intended to be read and edited by application development tools rather then by mere mortals. No doubt the next version of WebLogic Workshop is already outputting these files.

Update: See my later thoughts on BPEJ.

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