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Great Javascript resources

Posted by johnreynolds on September 1, 2005 at 6:55 AM PDT

AJAX has rekindled my interest in Javascript, and much to my delight there are a lot of great library resources out there...

A lot of very talented folks have done some great work on these libraries, and they have dispelled any notions I might have had that Javascript is crippled or ugly. DHTML is way more poweful then I had imagined, and way more fun.

I'm now trying to figure out the best way to incorporate these libraries into a Java-centric paradigm. Joe Walker has done some really great work with his DWR project, but I'm not quite sold (yet). I'll have to find out for myself how hard it is to take DHTML written for PHP or Ruby on Rails and adapt it for use with DWR.

I'm also very interested in finding out how hard it is to incorporate sophisticated DHTML into JSF components. If anyone has come across good examples (particularly JSF components packaged for Java Studio Creator) please let me know.

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